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Hvar, Croatia

My philosophy is ‘go everywhere, do everything (at least) once’, meaning that to get anywhere close to fulfilling this I do not have time to go to the same place more than once.

Hvar is my exception.

Located in the Adriatic sea, I fell in love with the picturesque island in the summer months of 2015.

Determined not to follow the crowds of 18 year olds to the usual party destinations, my friends and I searched a little deeper and came across the Villa Marijeta, a modern villa made up of apartments with balconies overlooking the shared pool and bar area, found an hour ferry ride from Split on the island of Hvar. Unsure what to expect, I was encouraged by the accounts (albeit very few) of those who had visited , a friend even compared the island to ‘a cross between Ibiza and St Tropez’. After 7 days of fun in the sun, excursions to caves around the Dalmation Coast and socialising with the likes of: Marc Nelson [host of Asia’s Got Talent], Filipe Tysander [founder of Daniel Wellington] and many more fascinating individuals with stories of sleeping on beaches and hitch-hiking around Europe with nothing but the shoes on their feet, I was desperate to return the following year.

Hedonist Sunset Boat Party
2015, Hedonist Sunset Boat Party

In August 2016, faced with the opportunity to work on the Hedonist Sunset Boat Party we’d bought tickets for the year before, two of us returned- but this time for the month. We spent our mornings at Fig, afternoons enjoying the chilled vibes in Hula Hula Bar, Wednesday + Saturday evenings partying on the sea with the best view of the sunset the island could offer and many nights at Carpe Diem night club (which we got a boat taxi to more times than I can count.. and we still don’t know which island the club inhabits). With more time to explore, we rented old school VW Beetles (pink and gold) and spent the day in a music video covering more of the island than we knew existed. Highlights of the visit this time round included: partying on mega-yachts parked in the marina and experiencing the best burger I’ve ever tasted at 50. The end of the month came around sooner than we could believe and in the early hours of the morning following the end of season boat party, we said our heartbreaking goodbyes to the amazing people we’d met. 

pink and gold
A day in the life of a music video

Returning once again in July for 4 nights, I intend to repeat all of my favourite things in my favourite places with an open heart and mind to discover more of what the island has to offer and this time we WILL make the trek up to admire the view from the castle (previously avoided due to the incline + intense heat). 

What is so special to me about this island?

The scenery. From the sky, images of tiny islands scattered like seeds. On the ground, a cobbled, stone-white square fenced with al-fresco restaurants. On the sea, wooden beach bars screaming only positive summer vibes.

hula hula sunset
Hula Hula Bar at sunset

The nightlife. When the sun has set with the boat party and the lively bars lined up along the marina start to slow down, what could be better than chanting with the other partygoers on a free shuttle-boat to a club on its own private island!?

Boat taxis to Carpe Diem

But most of all:

The people.  Friendly, fun and fascinating, full of spontaneity and surprises. You have no idea who you could be standing next to.

Croatian Vibes
Beautiful people

To be continued…

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